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What Is A Travel Agent?

This is a public service or private retailer that will provide tourism and travel related services to the public and will represent the suppliers like the airliners, activities, cruise lines, car rentals, railways, hotels. Package tours and travel insurance. Planning a trip is a complicated and time consuming process. The travel agents will simplify the process for the customers including providing consultation services and entire travel packages. Agents will serve to a wide demographic and serve both corporations and individuals. They might also focus on a specific segment of the field; a lot of agents specialize in business trips, leisure travel, or location specific journeys to a place like Asia.

What do they do?

Their main responsibility is to make sure the process of travel planning is easier for the customer and make sure that they experience the best trip possible. They will make suggestions to the customer based on their experience, or offer packages from different cruise lines and resorts. They are normally restricted with a budget and should be very organized to offer arrangements that will suit the client both financially and their leisure or business activities. A travel agent package will include things like dinner in the desert Dubai where you will experience real Arabian hospitality and beautifully cooked and juicy barbecue food.

However just because you go through a travel agent and they give you a package it does not mean you can’t do other things like take a mosque tour. Here you can look at the infrastructure and experience a culture that you have never experienced before. This can also be a very spiritual experience.

They work year round however their peak business period is during the peak vacation times like the summer and during different holidays. During these times they work no stop and are very busy. During the off season they will research different and new destinations. They will also look for the best place for business trips and the best place for leisure trips.

What is their workplace like?

They will spend a long time on the telephone or on their computers and laptops. During the peak season they may have to work long hours and even weekends to meet the demand. To do research for their job they will look at a lot of books, magazines and journals. They will also travel abroad to meet with agents and to get experience. It is a job that requires you to be very social; it is mostly about making contacts and retaining the agents who give them business.

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