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Tips To Painting Your House

No matter how big your house is, and how nice the interiors are, if the outer coating of your house does not look appealing the entire appearance tends to be a huge let down. To be able to overcome this, it is necessary to give the outside of your house a nice fresh paint job, to make the overall effect of the house look much nicer than it used to be and also make it look last longer than before. Not everyone knows the tips and tricks to getting a perfect paint job done right every time. Therefore go through the tips given below and start painting your houses to make them shine.The paints

According to research there are two types of paints which can be used to apply on the exterior of your house. The first is water based latex and the other is oil based alkyd. The water based one, comes with an easy clean up that requires merely water and soap, whereas the alkyd paint requires a paint thinner for cleaning purposes. Most painters tend to gravitate towards using the alkyd paint because they tend to be more durable, and stain resistant that the water based paint, and also have been proven to be rather easy and smooth to work with. Ultimately though, the type of paint bought depends on your budget and requirement.

Prep work

For the new paint to be able to stick to the surface, all surfaces have to be cleaned up. There should be no dirt, grime or any residue remaining on the surfaces when it is time to paint. One way to do this is using a power sprayer, and on the other hand you can use a brush with stiff bristles which will serve the purpose well too. Either way everything has to be properly cleaned and well taken care of. If this seems like a difficult task it is best that you call in maintenance companies to handle things for you.

Application medium

According to the professionals in maintenance companies, the two most common and effective ways to apply paint with is a brush and a roller. A brush is usually used to paint narrow edges and smaller surface areas, whereas rollers are used to cover a large and longer space within a short period of time.

The starting

When starting any project you need to know from where you must start and where you could eventually finish at. When it comes to painting walls, the start is usually the very top of the wall, and usually is painted downwards in a singular motion. Usually several coats are painted on to be able to eliminate any brush strokes that are visible.

For some painting walls can be rather daunting, and for the other who want to give it a try, make sure you read the above list to start off with the process.

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