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Tips On Using Light As Decoration

The use of proper light can do amazing things to your home. It not only brightens up your home, it also can make your home appear larger, and even give it a welcoming feeling. Strangely, people hardly think of “light” as decoration—unless we are talking about parties and functions of course. Then there’s no stopping them from using light as part as their decorations.

But light can be used as decoration, even for your everyday life. No, it doesn’t involve a lot of money, and it can be done in ways that won’t tax much on your electricity bill either. Interested now? Read ahead to find out what we have up our sleeves.

The use of natural light

If you live in an apartment or home that has a lot of natural light, then consider yourself very fortunate. Natural sunlight has a more welcoming and cozy look compared to using artificial lighting. Throw open those curtains and drapes. If you have small rooms, but have a lot of natural light, then consider installing mirrors into the rooms (in places where the light will strike) so that the rooms will appear larger. Even though you don’t think they’re dirty, give your windows a wash at least once in two weeks. This will ensure that you get maximum natural light.

Using candles as decoration

Do you have old candles that you bought for a “special occasion”, but don’t have use for now? Time for recycling and reusing then! If they’re tea lights, consider having them floating in small bowls around the house. You can pair them together with flowers or even marbles. Candles are a particularly lovely decoration option when it comes to the kitchen. Strategically place the candles around your kitchen, and have a “candle light” meal once in a while. Even when they are not lit, they give out a certain rustic charm. If you like how the kitchen looks in candle light, consider installing a kitchen candle chandelier.

Bring out the decorative lights

Not a fan of candles dripping wax all over the place? Don’t give it a skip just yet. Replace the real candles with LED candles instead. They even have the little “flicker”. Recycling these “candles” will hardly be a problem as they can be used in so many decorative options. It’s the same with Christmas/ fairy lights.

Unless you use multicolored lights, you can put these lights to use as well. Fairy lights look lovely as bedroom decorative options for the kids’ room. They also look very charming wrapped around mirrors, or used as doorway “curtains”. And the fact that LED lights and fairy lights use minimum electricity is definitely a plus as well.

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