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Things You Need To Buy For Your New House

Buying a house is a big decision by itself. You may need to have a separate budget to purchase essential items when you move into the house.

Lock and Keys

It is advised to replace all lock and keys in your new house. It is likely that the previous owners could have given copies of their keys to the neighbors to use in an emergency.


The kitchen requires quite a few items to be bought as it is where you will have all your food is made. Kitchen essentials include the refrigerator, oven, cooker and the microwave. Other items would include pots and pans, utensils, bowls, glasses, cups etc. Have a checklist of all items so that you know what to buy.

Living room

You may need sofas, chairs and coffee tables. Other necessities may include TV, ornaments, lamps, coasters and miscellaneous items depending on your tastes. Sometimes it is cheaper to get carpentry work done rather than buying tables and chairs. It would also be nice to have a few wall decors as well. Some windows may require curtains as well.


The bedroom has the usual beds, bedside tables and night lamps. The bed will require sheets and pillows, further a bedroom has hangers, full length mirrors and hampers.

Air conditioning

Air conditioning could be done either for the whole house or just the bedroom. You need to pick the right air conditioner depending on the room size. Keep in mind that AC maintenance services may be required to keep the air conditioners in good condition.


All bathrooms may require the general toiletries, plunger, toilet brush, scale, shower curtains and a scale. These are the basics in the bathroom. There will other items you use personally.

Laundry room

Laundry rooms should include a washing machine, detergents, bleach, laundry basket , iron and ironing board.

Cleaning closet

Having a cleaning closet is useful because all you cleaning supplies can be kept in here. Required cleaning supplies would be gloves, all-purpose cleaner, bucket, mop, broom and dustpan.

Other miscellaneous items

Other items include a tool box with hammers, assortments of screws, pliers, hacksaw, wrench, drill, tape measure and staple gun. In the case you own a garden all garden supplies such as spade, shovel, lawn sprinklers, rakes, wheel barrow, knife and string trimmers.

Further outdoor entertainment items would include BBQ grill, lawn chairs, patio furniture and umbrellas.

These are the basic requirements in a house. Each person has their own taste and their likes and dislikes. Every house has its own unique style. All the above items are for starters and you could design the house further according your needs. You have the option to hire an interior decorator to give the house a little flavor.

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