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Recovering From A Virus On Your Computer

With the advancement of the internet, the number of viruses out there have aloso increased tremendously making your chances of being attacked by a virus rather high. It would be useful for you to learn well in advance how to recover from a virus attack so as not to panic and make the situation much worse if and when you are attacked by a virus. As a computer user, it is almost guaranteed that this will happen to you at least a few times in your lifetime and therefore it is always advisable to stay prepared.
Disconnect your computer
The first thing you will need to do when you discover that you have been the victim of a virus attack is to disconnect and isolate your computer from the internet until your IT support have arrived. This will prevent your virus from spreading, getting worse or infecting any of your other devices. If connected to the internet, your virus can imitate you and send emails to your email contacts and can contact your friends on Facebook and other social media, pretending to be you.
The virus will send out emails and Facebook messages asking your friends to watch a video or click on a link that will then send the virus to their computers. In fact, the virus is so smart that it will even address you friends in the same way that you address them. As an example, when sending an email to your mother, it will say “Hi mama” instead of addressing her by name to make the email look more authentic. If the virus is being tracked by someone, they may even ask your friends and relatives for credit card numbers and pin codes pretending to be you. Your IT support in Dubai crew will be able to clean up your computer completely when they arrive however, it is your duty to prevent it from spreading until your support has arrived.
You will need to start backing up all of your important data on to flash disks as even when your computer is disconnected from the internet, it is still attacking your files and documents within your computer. Try to create backups of all your documents on flash disks in order to avoid losing some of your most precious memories and your most important work documents. You will need to be aware however that the virus can spread with these documents on to your flash disk and this too will have to be disinfected when your support crew arrives.

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