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July, 2016

How To Make Your Business Greener

As the planet’s overall diagnosis goes from bad to worse, everyone is pitching in to help. Your business can contribute to this endeavour as well. It is important to do your part as a global citizen and a reliable member of the community. As a whole, you and your employees are going to have to start making changes around the office.
One of the first things that you are going to have to do is to establish a green culture. Once this has been done, you need to install ways for your employees to be more eco-friendly. You should also consider letting your business setup services in Dubai participate as well and to come up with a better solution. Here is how you can do all of this:
Incorporate Being Green into Overall Culture
The best way to make sure that workers adhere to these new regulations is to make it a part of the company culture. This means you have to integrate it into the very foundation of the business. Have posters and other reminders that call for more awareness about being green. In bathrooms have literature that encourages people to use less water. At appropriate locations, remind people what they can do to help the planet. It is also important to lead by example. Make certain that all of the organization leaders are practicing what they preach.
Provide the Means
There is no point in lecturing your workers if you do not provide them with the means to be greener. It is important to have garbage bins where people can toss their trash according to its composition. Encourage employees to use less paper by having certain electronic systems in place. Give them alternatives to using paper towels in the bathroom. Every time you make it easier to be green, you are encouraging people to adopt the necessary lifestyle.
Partner Up
If you truly want to make an impact, you are going to have to go beyond your company of pro service in Dubai. This means getting your partners, customers, and the general community involved as well. First, start with your waste collection companies. Make sure that they are involved in the same endeavours that you are. Then spread the message to your clients and urge them to be greener as well. Finally, get involved with the community and host awareness programs and fundraisers. With everyone else in tow as well, you are bound to make a bigger impact as a whole. These are just some of the ways that you can encourage your business and employees to be more eco-friendly. Every little thing that you do counts.

Bringing The 90’s Back

The 1990s were a decade of fun and frolic. It was the decade of boy bands, girl bands, funky hair colour and colourful and sparkly clothing. Mostly known for its music, the era is also looked back as a fashion disaster. Many magazines publish pictures of celebrities and models in the 90’s under the section of what should not be worn in public. But despite the many negative ideas behind the 90’s, certain trends of the era are coming back.

Music and Rhythm

Since the end of the 1990’s popular boy bands such as ‘N Sync and the Backstreet Boys and girl bands such as the Spice Girls have not existed. The 2010s however has seen a rise in the number of boy and girl bands in the music industry that keep dominating music charts globally. While the music and style of the songs have changed, the element of a group of singers has reentered the global arena. What’s more, is that old school bands have started revival tours either across the United States or Britain drawing attention to that particular type of music and dance.

Personal Style

The 90’s were known for their wacky and funky style which everyone was a part of. Though not all aspects of this decade in relation for style are praised, many of the trends that were popular in the 1990’s are coming back. Two of which are platform shoes and choker necklaces. These two elements of style are being incorporated into almost every teenage girl’s go-to look. The way in which these two accessories are worn and the clothes that they are paired with are completely different to the way it was in the 90’s. Hair style has also changed with hair braids and side ponytails being popular amongst children and teenagers.

Embracing the Era

It is not only the ordinary people who are choosing certain elements of the 90’s to go back to. Celebrities, fashion bloggers, media and social media networks have all contributed to the resurfacing of this decade. It should be noted that while there are many comeback items from the 90’s that the uniqueness of the 2000’s has not been lost. What has happened instead is the incorporation of these two eras into one. While bringing features of the 90’s back, there is a popular move toward making the 90’s come across as a decade that is not only known for the good music provided but as a decade that was fashion forward. In order to do this, celebrities have begun attending popular social events in known 90’s trends such as hair braids Dubai, crop tops and coloured hair.


Many networks have begun airing shows that were televised in the 1990’s and radio channels are now dedicating entire shows to play music from the 1990’s. Contemporary television shows are being created as sequels to popular 90’s television series and movies; creating a sense of nostalgia for all 90’s kids.

Baby Shower Planning 101

If your best friend is having a baby then it is up to you to plan the baby shower! This can actually be a lot of fun and is a great chance to help out before the baby comes by giving the new mother to be some great gifts, advice and some time to put her feet up and be pampered.
People, place and time
The first things to sort out when hosting a baby shower are the people, the place and the time. Let’s start with the place – do you want to host the shower at the mother to be’s home? If you plan on doing this then you need to ensure that you have a team ready to help clean up afterwards – it is no fun for her if she has a lot of cleaning up to do once the shower is over. Another alternative is to host it your home or another friend’s home or even to book a restaurant or table at a hotel. You will then need to decide on the guest list. This will in part be dictated by the amount of people your selected space can hold – which could help you keep a reign on things. Ideally invite family that she is close to and her best friends and work mates. You may want to run the guest list by her in case you have invited someone she does not get along with or that might cause friction. Then you need to decide on the time – we would suggest brunch or tea – that way things wind up early and there is time for everyone to even drop by if they have work – they can come closer to lunch or even after work and not miss any of the celebrations!
Baby presents
Part of the purpose of the shower is to essentially shower the new mother with gifts for her and her baby. You could sign up for a registry at a baby shop Dubai in her neighbourhood.
Also ask her if she has already signed up with a local baby shop for a registry and ask guests to buy items off that! This way she will get what she needs and has not been able to get yet!
What to eatIf you are hosting a tea or a brunch the ideal thing to serve would be waffle or bagels. You can have a make your own station by providing a range of sweet and savoury toppings. If you are at a restaurant ask if they can design a menu for you with a range of pre-selected foods.

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